Friday, September 25, 2009

Server Support

A close watch is must for maintaining the proper health of the IT environment in any organization. But most generally, number of organizations lacks the expertise or necessary resources to do so.

If you are focusing your precious time and resources on monitoring the system and resolving server management related problems, you are wasting crucial time and exposing your long-term business prospects to risks.

OffsiteNoc is here for you so that you can concentrate more on your core business and leave server management and monitoring to us.

OffsiteNoc Provides dedicated service 24x7 Server support with unmatched performance guarantees.

OffsiteNoc has been managing servers for some reputed companies. We have got complete Infrastructure and resources to provide 24X7 support with 3 levels of technologists available.

We work as a offsite Remote Server Administration team you can rely on to ensure that your mission critical activities are performing optimally and are available around-the-clock. We provide clients with coverage ranging from supplementing added support for off-hours, peak periods and special projects, or assuming full responsibility for day-to-day operational support.

So you be assured that our team will take care of all your server maintenance round the clock. We monitor, maintain and administer the Web Servers and Web applications including e-commerce applications.

Benefits of OffsiteNoc Remote Management Services

1. Helps identify problems before they actually occur.
2. Smoother running networks allow less down time for the employees.
3. Any eventual problems are resolved faster.
4. You have the confidence that the domain experts properly look after your systems and you therefore, can concentrate on the business in hand without worrying about your server health.
5. Automation of the configuration and provisioning of the server.
6. Efficient management of geographically dispersed computer network equipments.

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